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Lab News

The Siracusa Lab's Recent Publications

Mark Siracusa

Chandler recently published a review article titled "The Therapeutic Potential of Targeting Cytokine Alarmins to Treat Allergic Airway Inflammation" in frontiers in Physiology. His article highlights the role cytokine alarmins play in regulating allergic responses and describes the recently developed biologics designed to target these pathways.

Everett also recently published a primary research article in The Journal of Experimental Medicine titled "Carbonic anhydrase enzymes regulate mast cell–mediated inflammation".  This article describes a perviously undefined role for Carbonic anhydrase enzyme in regulating both murine and haman mast cell development.  Further, these studies demonstrate that this pathway can be target to prevent mast responses in a model of food allergy-like disease.  We are currently pursuing these studies to better understand their exciting therapeutic potential.

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Immunology 2016 (AAI, Seattle)

Mark Siracusa

Dr. Siracusa travelled to Seattle, WA to attend AAI 2016 and to present Everett's work looking at the enzymatic regulation of mast cell development. Everett's studies were very well received and their therapeutic potential provoked a great amount of interest. Dr. Siracusa was also able to spend some time with good friends from Johns Hopkins and UPenn that were also attending the meeting. As usual, it was a great meeting both scientifically and socially.   

20th Annual Woods Hole Immunoparasitology Meeting

Emily Baron

From April 18-21 Dr. Siracusa, Everett, Juan, and Chadler attended the 20th Annual Woods Hole Immunoparasitology Meeting at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. Everett gave a talk on his research and the keynote speakers included Michael Carroll of Harvard Medical School, Tom Wynn of the NIAD National Institute of Health, and Fidel Zavala of John Hopkins University.